UVA Employees

Develop Your Digital Skills While Earning Credit From the University of Virginia

UVA Edge is a three-semester, online program from the University of Virginia in which UVA employees can use their tuition benefit to learn in-demand skills and earn 20 undergraduate credits. 


Participants must at least have a high school diploma, or equivalent, and typically have less than 30 college credits.

  • Online program
  • Real-world digital and professional skills
  • Six classes over three semesters
  • One 90-minute live session per week
  • Community of professors, teaching assistants, and peers
  • Award of Completion

Course Descriptions

Using Your UVA Tuition Benefit

UVA Edge is designed to be compatible with UVA's Education Benefit, and UVA Employees accepted into the program typically pay less than $300 in total out-of-pocket costs after using all available education benefits.

Academic Employees: To apply for the benefit, submit an Employee Request in Workday. Visit the UVA HR site for detailed instructions. 

You will likely need: 

  • Your course listing from UVA SIS
  • The current cost per credit hour (reach out to edge@virginia.edu for more information)

Please note, academic employees applying the UVA Benefit must complete each course with a C or better, or they may be required to repay the education benefit received for that course.

For help or questions about using your UVA Tuition Benefit for UVA Edge, please contact edge@virginia.edu.

Medical Center Employees: For employees starting UVA Edge, we have a direct billing system set up with the UVA Medical Center. You do not need to submit any paperwork for education benefits or pay any tuition costs out of pocket. UVA Edge and UVA Medical Center staff will handle all tuition bills, provided that you meet the minimum grade requirement of a C- or higher in each class.

Join Us For A Webinar

We hold regular informational webinars for staff interested in UVA Edge. In each, you will get an overview of the program and staff will be on hand to answer your questions. To get invited to our next webinar, share your name and email with us.

You can also sign up for a one-on-one session with a recruitment advisor to ask questions and determine whether the program is a good fit. 

How to apply

Please note: Edge is no longer accepting applications.