Frequently Asked Questions

Below, find answers to commonly asked questions about UVA Edge. If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to, or complete the Request for Information form. Check back here for additional questions as they become available.

What time commitment should I expect to make? When will the classes be held?

UVA Edge is designed with working adults in mind. In a given semester, one of the two courses will be held once-a-week in the evenings and will consist of ‘live’ online instruction and interaction between instructors and students. The other will be available as recorded lectures, and students will be able to engage on their own time, with ongoing feedback and interaction with instructors. Students should expect to spend about 10-12 hours most weeks preparing for or attending class and working on course assignments. 

How much does it cost? Are scholarships or financial assistance available?

Effective July 1, 2023, the full value of the program is $8,080 - regardless of state residence - and it is designed to work with education benefits offered by UVA and by many employers. 

Each semester, up to three scholarships are available to cover the cost of tuition for those who do not have education benefits through their employers to participate in this program. Once an application for admission is submitted, individuals without education benefits will receive information via email to apply for the scholarship. 

To discuss your particular situation, including how to determine if your employer offers education benefits, please contact

What if I can’t afford the program?

We are committed to making this affordable. Please contact for additional assistance.

What are the policies for adding/dropping classes and refunds?

Please click here for details.

What if I need access to a computer or internet connectivity?

Employees of UVA Facilities Management can borrow computers from their department. Facilities Management will also provide classroom space with internet connectivity. UVA wifi can typically be accessed across Grounds. A computer and internet connection are required to complete the program. If you need assistance, please contact

What academic resources are available to support me during the program?

We are committed to working with students who experience academic challenges during the program, and all of our instructors design their courses with the goal of making them both challenging and accessible. In cases where students need accommodation for a documented learning difficulty, UVA Edge will direct them towards appropriate resources. Your instructors are available to help you in any way they can, but you can also reach out to if you have any questions or concerns.

I’ve never taken a class online before. Will I have help with the technology?

Absolutely. Here's a brief list of the online learning tools the program uses, along with links to resources. In addition, students can reach out at any time for help acclimating to online instruction.

The orientation process, and the first courses in the UVA Edge sequence, will introduce students to the tech tools we use, and strategies for effective online learning.

Please see the technical support contact information below:

Additional resources include:


Will there be an orientation?

In addition to the first classes, which are designed to introduce students to the broader program, students will be guided through a UVA Edge orientation that should answer most questions, get them set up with all of the tools they’ll need, and welcome them to the program.

We will also provide onboarding materials and a point of contact to ensure that students are set up for success in the program and can get answers to any questions you might have prior to the start of classes. 

What if I cannot complete or I do not pass a class?

Students applying the UVA Benefit must complete the course with a C or better (for academic employees) or a C- or better (for medical center employees) or they may be liable for reimbursing the benefit for that course. Students participating in UVA Edge through other tuition reimbursement programs should be familiar with their employer's policies. 

How do I register for classes?

All Edge students will be manually enrolled in their courses each term by the UVA Edge team, and they do not need to self-register. The course descriptions are available here.

What is the difference between an unofficial and official transcript?

An official transcript is one that is sent directly from your high school or college to SCPS Central Admission at UVA; anything received from a student is not considered official.

Electronic submissions should be directed to; hard copy official transcripts should be mailed directly from your prior school to:

University of Virginia
SCPS Central Admission Office
PO Box 401105, Charlottesville, VA 22904.

Students cannot be enrolled in courses until official transcripts are received. More information will be sent to students with the offer of admission.