Corporate Partnership

Built for employers who need talent with the most relevant digital and workplace skills today.

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A world class faculty

Students learn from faculty drawn from the College of Arts & Sciences and the School of Continuing and Professional Studies.

High-quality online learning

A mix of live video sessions and recorded lectures give students opportunities to engage in active learning, build relationships, and support busy schedules.

Support for student success

Classes are designed to be both challenging and accessible, with support available for students with different learning needs.

Benefits to Employers

An innovative program

In this program, employees will develop deeper skills like writing and data analysis that cannot be taught in a short-term training. 

A diversified workspace

This course prepares diverse, early career employees for growth and future leadership opportunities.


Completely finance the program through education benefits.


Employees who complete the course will have career skills that are in high demand, such as effective writing, value-driven leadership and data analysis.

Culture and strategy

Participate in elevating employer innovation narratives and inspirational stories that affect culture and commitment to drive impact.

"I came to the University in search of golden opportunities such as these. I know that my future is bright within Facilities Management, however, I need more education to move into leadership roles. I am always looking for ways to improve my skills.”

Marcus Klaton
Pipefitter/Steamfitter, Utilities, UVA Facilities Management