How it Works

Three Semesters, 20 Credits

Students in UVA Edge will take two online courses per semester for three semesters, earning a total of 20 credits during the program. Please note, Edge is no longer accepting applications. 

Each semester, one class is held live on Zoom one evening every week to accommodate working adults. The second class is primarily asynchronous, with pre-recorded instruction and assignments due each week.

Students should expect to spend about 10-12 hours most weeks preparing for or attending class and working on course assignments. 

What will I learn?

UVA Edge builds the digital and human skills to help you thrive in a rapidly changing world. The program helps students develop foundational technology skills valued by their employers. In the Digital Essentials course, students learn high-demand digital skills, like cloud-based collaboration and workplace communication tools. Students learn to analyze, assess and present data in the Data Literacy course.   

UVA Edge draws on UVA’s world-class liberal arts programs to develop the soft skills that necessary even in the digital age, like critical thinking, communication, and leadership. These skills are essential but take time and effort to learn. Courses like "Knowledge in the Digital Age," "High-Impact Behaviors in the Workplace," "Academic and Professional Writing," and the Edge Capstone each take a unique approach to increase your power as a professional. 

Will this help me get a degree?

UVA Edge can serve as a stepping stone to a degree, and is designed to give options to students who have less than 30 college credits.

At the end of the program, students will have earned 20 credits at the 1000- and 2000-level that could be applied toward an Associate Degree or Bachelor's Degree, though it's important to understand that the decision whether or not to accept those credits toward a degree will be made by the school that awards the degree.

Tranferring to PVCC

Students who complete Edge and wish to earn an Associate Degree from Piedmont Virginia Community College can take advantage of a transfer agreement by which Edge credits count toward a PVCC degree. (Students interested in completing degrees at other institutions should inquire with those schools about transfer credit.)

If you completed UVA Edge prior to Spring 2023, please contact for information on transfer equivalencies at PVCC.

Transfer Credit Policy

UVA Edge Course PVCC Equivalent Credits

HUMS 1500 (3 credits): Introduction to UVA Edge: 

Humanities Elective 3

LASE 2559 (1 credit): Academic Citizenship

SDV 100: College Success Skills 1

STAT 1501 (3 credits): Statistics - Edge: Data Literacy

MTH 154: Quantitative Reasoning 3

ISHU 1600 (3 credits): Academic & Prof. Writing

General Transfer Elective 3

IT 1060 (3 credits): Digital Essentials

General Transfer Elective 3

ISBU 1070 (3 credits): High-Impact Behaviors in the Workplace

General Transfer Elective 3

HUMS 2500 (4 credits): UVA Edge Capstone

Humanities Elective 4


Program Breakdown

  • 2 courses per semester
  • 3 semesters
  • 20 total academic credits earned from six classes and a one-credit onboarding course

Course Descriptions

Can I apply if I already have a degree?

UVA Edge is designed to provide opportunity to students who have earned less than 30 college credits, and coursework is at the 1000- and 2000-level (first- and second-year). Other programs at UVA SCPS offer opportunities at other points in a student’s journey, including our online bachelors completion programs and professional certificates.

For those who have more than 30 credits but have not yet earned a bachelor’s degree, admission to UVA Edge would be determined after a review of your individual situation. Please contact us at to discuss your academic history and career goals. We can also discuss any other programs at UVA SCPS, such as our bachelor’s degree completion program, that may be of interest. 

How to apply

Please note: Edge is no longer accepting applications

What you’ll need

  • Unofficial transcripts: Your high school transcript, OR if you've taken any college courses, all college transcripts
  • A 300- to 325-word statement on the following: Please let us know why you would like to complete UVA Edge. How will it help you accomplish your academic or professional goals? What would you like to gain from the program?

How to begin your application

  1. Visit the application site and click “Create a new account.”
  2. When prompted, enter your information. The system will email you a temporary PIN to create an account.
  3. Follow the instructions in the email to set up a new account with a username and password.
  4. Log in. You will see the “Apply Now” page. Click “Start New Application” at the bottom of the page.
  5. Select “UVA Edge” and click “Create Application.”
  6. Complete the steps on the left and submit your materials. Make sure to mark your employer where indicated.

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